Compliments Booth

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  • Compliments. Effusive Welcomes. Furious bowing and scraping.

    This is a novel way to kick off your evening, to charm and disarm your guests. They are met at the door by a Professional Compliment-er. He is charming, urbane and handsome holding a sign listing their options;

    – Compliments

    – Official Welcomes

    – Fawning

    – Sympathy (if they are sad or upset)

    – The guests can choose one…

    Each compliment is given with great gusto and heartfelt earnestness – silly as this sounds; it has the effect of instantly inviting the guests to play. People walk into the event with big smiles on their faces – it gets them off to a good start!

    When the guests have arrived, the Greeter moves into the crowd and circulates – it’s amazing how quickly he has made friends. They are in a position to introduce the guests to each other, making up the most outlandish and charming fibs.

    It’s a very effective and non threatening way to help people to mingle – and its great fun! We trade in flattering lies. Everybody knows it, but soon they cotton on to the game and start to play it for themselves. Its a very effective icebreaker; the result is that people loosen up and start enjoying themselves sooner.

    If they have a good time….the party works!

  • 2hr interactive performance including meet & greet and roving.

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